Jody Wierenga

Jody is an accomplished Drivetrain Specialist and has been in the Auto industry for over 30 years. His passion has been providing accuracy of diagnosis with the highest quality of standards, ensuring that the customer's vehicle is safe and reliable. Throughout his career Jody has shown himself to be a leader amongst his peers Routinely being placed in charge of teaching, training, and quality control. His driving motivation now is to keep you and your family safe with the proper calibration of your vehicle's Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. Utilizing his high level of attention to detail that has always been second nature to him.

Heather Friedriechsen

Heather Friedriechsen is the Chief Operations Officer for ADAS Solutions. Heather has vast experience in banking with an emphasis on problem solving and client relationships. She values a clear message, timely response, and thorough execution with every interaction. Heather is passionate about the service we provide at ADAS Solutions LLC and believes wholeheartedly in our motto of "Optimizing Your Car's Safety".